Saturday, April 3, 2010

5 Creative Strategies ...

to help you scrap fast!! Sometimes we feel overwhelmed with how many pictures we think we need to scrap. Some people don't even want to start scrapping because they don't think they'll ever be caught up....Hopefully there is something in these 5 tips (taken from an article by Suzy Plantamura in Creating Keepsakes, April 2009 issue) to help us all!

1. Scrap only a few photo's from each event. I'm sure most of us have went somewhere and taken 100's of pictures...but who could scrap them all? It's not realistic to think so. Take a few that depict the fun that was had and let the journalling tell the story~If you want to include more pictures , put them in a pocket behind the page~

2. Keep your pages simple. What will matter in years to come is the photo's you scrapped, not all the pretty fancy embellishments you used. It's ok every now and then to do 'fancier' layouts, but if you do it all the's very time consuming

3. Don't worry about being behind. There shouldn't be any state of being 'behind''s just'll happen. I used to think I wanted to be all caught up...but then what would I do? This way I always have photo's to choose from

4. Don't worry about scrapping chronologically. Remember scrapping is supposed to be fun, not a chore. Eventually when all the pages are done, they can be put into order but until then...scrap what you want , when you want. If you use D-ring albums, you can add layouts where ever you like.

5. Don't feel you need to scrap everything that happens in each child's life. Your child may be involved in 20 different functions during a school year and these can add up! Instead, scrap many of these events on a two page spread , journalling to include the details.

So there you have it...I hope these pointers can help you have more fun scrapping and maybe even help someone you know get started!

Have a wonderful Saturday

Keep Smilin'

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  1. T, these are some great tips! It is so very important to always remember to keep it FUN!