Thursday, April 1, 2010

Do you recycle???

Do you compost? Do you recycle your cans, plastics, cardboard? I'm sure in today's day and age we all pretty much recycle anything and everything possible. I for one can't stand taking something to the local if it can be re-used...we do our best~

What about in your scrapbooking & card you use recycled products? Here are a few ideas...

Bottle caps--> These can be heat embossed or covered in pattern paper. You can use a rubber mallet to flatten them so they aren't so bulky

Lonely earings and broken jewelry--> wouldn't these make amazing embellishments...and maybe even add some bling :)

Negatives from die cuts--> These can be saved and used as stencils for other projects like school projects. Trace the lines, then you can colour them, ink them , chalk them...ohhhh the possibilities are endless

What about empty coffee cans? These could be altered and a Crop-A-Dile Big Bite used to turn a coffee can into a ribbon holder. Punch the holes, add big eyelets and voila...You could even alter a few in the same colour scheme then put them on a shelf to hold other supplies~

Chipboard--> Save chipboard from everything...You could make mini books, or just cut out any shape imaginable.

Empty cereal boxes-->Once cut and altered can make awesome magazine holders.

What ideas do you have? What recycled items have you used in your projects?

Recycling and reusing household items is cost effective and environmentally friendly...who doesn't love that idea?


  1. I save the harder plastic from toys (barbie stuff) and cut out things as ghost shapes, I use pop can tabs and cover them with embossing powder and use them as ribbon slides. I also save cereal boxes but mostly use them to make chipboard pieces or alphas, layer them 3 times to get the same thickness as chipboard.

  2. I have used a lot of your suggestions. I also like to use packaging for scrapbook supplies on my projects. The packaging itself is really pretty and hard to throw away! :)

  3. Oh I have done many of the suggestions written here, and a few more.
    SMALL TINS (from chocolates, mints etc) AND alter them outside and make small mini albums to put inside them.

    BREAD TAGS to make bookmarks and have altered them with paint to use on my layouts and cards.

    Reuse file folders for making mini albums, tags, pockets

    TIC TAC containers to keep eyelets, brads, microbeads etc in

    OLD toothbrushes for paint spattering

    OLD straws for blowing paint for custom background paper

    Popsicle sticks...paint or cover with pattern papers

    Cereal boxes...use to trace the EDGY cardstocks to use as templates later on down the road. Therefore you only have to buy these shapes once.

    Scraps of plastic canvas used for uniformed measurement when using brads and eyelets

    Bubble Wrap.....paint or ink it and use as a stamp for custom backgrounds.

    Old magazines/books for cutting punched shapes out of. Some of these are quite colourful and make beautiful flowers.

    Lots of great ways to recycle in this hobby!

  4. Wow, really great ideas girls :)

  5. I just finished up with a challenge for recycling a cereal,cracker or cookie box, you can see my finished project here: