Thursday, April 15, 2010

Let's have some fun today......

You Know You're Addicted To Scrapbooking When.......

1. Scrapbooking fills your days-not to mention your living room, bedroom and closets

2. You see something metal in a parking lot or on the floor and you go back to pick it up. It turns out to be some sort of buckle/pop tab type thing , so you pop it in your pocket , and think --yeah, I can put some ribbon through that.

3. You dream about layouts or crops

4. You reach into your purse, and your family scatters--they think you are reaching for that dreaded camera

5. You spend all day at work/school sketching layouts instead of working/studying

6. You find an awesome piece of paper and actually dress your child up for pictures in clothes to match the paper

7. Your husband runs into the local eatery yelling "I need water, my truck's on fire" and your first response is "Wait, I have the camera"

8. You rush your husband to the emergency room, then borrow the hospital's digital camera to take pictures so you can scrap the event later.

9. You find yourself taking 28 pictures of the same flower because "it might make a good background for journalling.

10. You are putting away your newly purchased supplies and find that you already had a least half of what you just bought.

11. Your children become enablers, bringing you interesting pieces of paper and cool looking tags from their new clothes and so on.

12. Your stack of cardstock is as tall as your four-year-old.

(As seen in the Summer 2007 issue of Canadian Scrapbooker)

Have a great day :)


  1. Oh T, thanks for the giggles today!!! This is great!

  2. This is too funny! Thanks for posting!