Saturday, April 10, 2010

Let's talk about sketches...

First you use them? I love sketches...sometimes it's nice to not have to 'think'. Sketches can be so versatile...use them as they are, flip them 3 other different ways or even just use a couple of elements from the sketch~

Do you have a favorite sketch site? Here are the links to a few of mine

and of course Sketchabilites..check the blinkie to the right.

One thing everyone must remember, when you use a sketch and post your layout online, you must always give credit to the sketch artist or site. It's common courtesy and most sketch artists love knowing you have used something they spent time creating.

If you have any other favorites you would like to let us know about...feel free~~

Have a great weekend


  1. Don't forget:

    and of course

  2. awesome Lisa...the more the better~