Thursday, April 22, 2010

Magic Mesh

Have you ever used Magic Mesh on your projects? I have to admit, I haven't. I do have some...but never seem to remember it when I'm creating but I am hoping to change that very soon~

Magic Mesh has come a long way since it first appeared on the paper-crafting scene. There are now several different designs in a lot of different colours. It remains self-adhesive which makes it convenient to add to just about any project.

Here are some things you can do with Magic Mesh.....
*Treat the mesh as if it's another patterned paper that you are working with on your layout or card.
*Try weaving embroidery thread, yarn or narrow strips of paper through the holes in the Magic Mesh.
*Give chipboard letters and shapes a new look by covering them with Magic Mesh. Simply apply Magic Mesh to shapes and trim the excess with fine tipped scissors or an X-acto knife. (I am definitely trying this one~)
*Use Magic Mesh with die cut machine or punches providing the shape is small enough go fit the height of your Magic Mesh. Apply the mesh to cardstock, then use your die cut punch or machine to cut out the shape.
*If you love the look of layering on your layouts, add big punch without adding bulk.
*Try using Magic Mesh as a masking tool. Gently apply mesh to your layout without pressing too firmly so that the seal doesn't not become permanent. Lightly spray cardstock with spray paint, then remove the mesh to reveal the masked design.

If you have used Magic Mesh and would like to show us your designs , we would sure love to see them~~

Have a wonderful day!


  1. OH T, I LOVE MAGIC MESH! Love the texture and the look of dimension it gives a project! I have used it lots and did ya know, you can get that same look with drywall tape? (without the expense)
    Drywall tape is perfect, because you can change the colour to match any project. Simply chalk it, ink it, paint it....the skies the limit!!!

  2. I have forgotten about this stuff. Hmmm, I should pull some out to play!

  3. Here are some of my projects using Magic Mesh: