Saturday, May 22, 2010

Are You The Family Hirstorian?

I bet you haven't thought of scrapbooking as being the historian in the family. Some are interested in census data while the rest of us collect photo's and stories that are sometimes just as important if not more so to document! These records often serve as pieces of an intriguing puzzle as we uncover family connections and discover why we are who we are. Scrapbooking these stories make for some of the most interesting and unique pages in our albums. Here's are some very neat ideas on things to document for generations to come!

1. Those Quirks--> Dictionaries define "quirk" as a peculiarity of action, behaviour, or personality; an idiosyncracy or mannerism. These quirks define who we are and where we came from. Which quirks define your family members? Do you act just like your mother even though you swore you never would?

2. Lessons Learned--> Quite ofen we take our parents and all they do for us for granted. It is when we face challenges ourselves or have an 'a-ha' moment that we begin to realize how grateful we should be to our parents for teaching us their values by example. Why not document some of the examples your parents have taught you. To add a twist, what about a layout about something your kids might have taught you!

3. It's Genetic-->Inherited traits are undeniably the most important links in our unique family connections. They not only explain the unibrow, the hair loss, the dimples on your chin but also some of your talents and passions. Sometimes the genetic trait will skip a generation but they are not easily lost. What a fun thing to do a layout about, so that someday your kids or maybe your grandkids will see why do some of the things they do or are they way that they are!!

"If the family were a fruit, it would be an orange, a circle of sections, held together but separable--each segment distinct"~~Letty Cottin

Taken from Creating Keepsakes - May/June 2010 issue

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  1. Yep, I am the family historian in both ways! I am the one that takes the photos, scrapbooks them and even looks through the census and land records etc! Both of the hobbies come hand in hand for me, and I love it!