Monday, May 17, 2010

Are you in need of a challenge???

Have you checked out the May challenges at Scrap~tures yet? There are lots of great ideas to keep you going. Why not check these out, upload to the gallery which puts you in the running for a prize at the end of the month~

Laurie's Sketch Challenge Lets see your interpretation!!
Ellen's Card Challenge It's not too late, this day happens every year!!
Lisa's Project Challenge Wouldn't this make an amazing gift?
Denise's Layout Challenge Great idea to document the people that you care about!
Lisa's Layout challenge What a cool technique...come on , give it a try~
Lisa Kit Challenge Let's see what you can do with your leftovers!
Lisa's Alter It Challenge The possibilities are us your creations
Ellen's May Technique Challenge Let's see those amazing ideas!

Now that you have a list, there is no excuse for not being motivated!!!

Have fun :)


  1. Great blog post T!! Thanks for that. :)

  2. Oh so much going on over at Scraptures.....can't wait to see what everyone will do with all these great challenges!