Monday, May 24, 2010

Shutterbug Monday!

Starting today and every Monday we are going to discuss all things photography. This could be anything from tips to getting better pics, or even showcasing pics our members have taken! Today's post is about camera's, because lets face it, withouth them scrapbookers wouldn't exsist!

Camera's--> The first step in getting great pictures is choosing the right camera for you and that doesn't mean buying the highest priced item you can afford. You can get great photo's with any camera; the key to success is understanding your camera's capabilities and learning how to use them.

Point and Shoot (both digi and film)--> The fully automatic nature of most point and shoot cameras makes them perfect for the photographer who doesn't mind giving up creative control (although many models offer a manual override on some settings).These make great starter camera's for those who want to test the waters before spending a ton on gear. Point and shoots take the photo through a lens that varies from what you see through the viewfinder, making the result look slightly different then expected. Some photographers take their point and shoots countless places where they wouldn't take their SLR's because of the bulk.

Digital SLR--> The traditional SLR's manual settings and interchangeable lenses combined with immeidate viewing and printing capability of digital technology make this type of camera a great choice for anyone who wants to explore advanced photography techniques. Some digitals provide a summary of the settings used for each shot so you can make adjustments and retake photo's on the spot.

SLR--> The SLR (single lens reflex) camera gives you more control over your photo's if you are willing to invest time and practice into learning how to use the settings and features. SLR cameras are generally bulkier and pricier then point and shoots. Through the lens viewing lets you see the exact same shot your lens 'sees'. Interchangeable lenses give you even more creative control but adding lenses can be expensive.

Disposable-->These single use cameres come already stocked with film, usually 27 exposures. After you've snapped all the photo's you take the entire camera to the processor for developing. There are lots of different types, from black and white, water and sport, indoor, outdoor, zoom, panoramic to even spicially decorated wedding-themed. Many processors now recycle the cameras rather then throw them away.

Underwater--> Whether you're shooting your kids swimming lessons or a Hawaiian snorkeling trip, underwater snapshots are easier these days. For an inexpensive option , try one of the many disposable underwater cameras on the market or look into a waterproof housing that will work for your camera. Personally, I would go disposable, i'd be too nervous to use a housing for my good camera.

Phone--> For on the go pictures, camera phones have become a surprisingly competent alternative. Many cameras now allow you to change the resolution, white balance and colour effects before you shoot. Make sure you know how to get your photo's off the camera though. The methods vary from camera to camera and not all are offered as a free service.

One thing to remember...If you shop for used camera equipment online, be sure to look for a company that rates the equipments condition to be sure to get what you are willing to pay for~


  1. Great Tips .... I have to say that I love my DSLR.... and I love my underwater camera... it is so durable... and something that I can give to my kids with out fear of them breaking it....

  2. I love my Sony A350 DSLR for quality photos but I also love my Cannon point and shoot for ease and convenience.

  3. Oh these are great tips! I love the differences between the different caliber cameras and I know that I really need to learn more about them all! I love my DSLR but know that there is so much more that I can do with it! I am looking forward to seeing what other tips you are going to have for us in the months to come!