Thursday, May 6, 2010

Unusual Embellishments!!

Has anything every caught your eye that you thought would make a great embellishment on a page or card...but it has nothing to do with scrapbooking at all?

I've grabbed some tongue depressors at the doc's office, I thought they'd be great to put rub on's on. Here are a few other ideas...

--> can add lots of dimension
-->Wall paper samples
-->Fabric from clothing you plan to toss out--> Sometimes the clothing isn't good enough to be passed on to anyone, but cut a small swatch out and I might just look amazing on a layout~
-->small twigs--> would this be great for outdoor layouts~
-->what about the outer piece to chipboard...after you've taken the chipboard and already used it. If the shape is square or round it would make a great frame~
-->Playing cards
--> fish hooks--> what a great way to accent a fishing layout~
-->I've even seen a relfector from a bicycle used on a layout
-->tin foil-I've seen someone use decorate scissors and cut out a piece of tin foil for instant bling~

The possibilities are endless...your house might be the perfect place to 'shop' for embellishments

Tell us what you've used that you might consider 'unusual'. We'd love to hear~


  1. drywall tape
    fishing hooks and lures
    nuts (from nuts and bolts)
    old jewellery
    sand paper (perfect for a beach page)
    bread tags (alter with paint or ink
    grommets (meant for shower curtains etc...they are extra large)
    old keys
    key rings

    and I know there are more, but it is too early to think!!!!

  2. toilet paper! -wet it then stamp into it, let it dry. it's a pretty cool "cast-like" embelly :)

  3. I used my positive pregancy pee sticks on both pages for my kids. I also had DD's umbillical cord in a pocket, but it's gone missing (someone objected, I think). I've also used the sleeve from my Starbucks, it has my perfect drink order all recorded on it in barista code. I have also used actual butterfly wings, bird seed, and sand from the beach.