Monday, June 7, 2010

Shutterbug Monday!

Let's talk lenses~~~

Focal Length--> Lenses are categorized by their focal length, or power to magnify, measured in millimeters. A change in focal length affects the scope of a scene you can capture in a photo. The longer the focal length of a lens, the smaller it's angle of view and the closer the subject appears. The short the focal length of a lens, the greater it's angle of view and the farther away the subject.

Standard Lens->With an average focal length of 50mm, the standard lens offeres about the same view as that seen by the naked eye. It's the best lens to offer a natural view of your subject

Wide-Angle lens->Wide-angle lenses provide a broader fview than the standards lens. They are ideal for large group shots and landscapes or when shooting in small spaces.

Telephoto Lens->Long-length, or telephoto lenses are gret for getting closer to your subject. They have a smaller angle of view then standard lenses and show distant subjects closer, like a telescope. Lenses in the shorter telephoto range, 70-120mm are often called 'portrait' lenses becasue they create images that are softened but not foreshortened.

Zoom Lens->Unlike fixed focal -length lenses, zoom lenses offer a variety of focal lengths you can use without switching lenses or moving your camera or your subject. Point-and-shoot cameras often come with built in zoom lenses but for high impact close ups, reach for the SLR and it's interchangeable lenses. With only a couple of additional zoom lenses, you'll be able to handle almost any focal length you might need, from wide angle to telephoto.

Macro Lens->Not all lenses focus well when you're very close to your subject. But with a macro lens, you can take great close up pictures of small objects such as a baby's hands and feet, flowers or wedding rings. Be careful with the macro though: at close range , even tiny movements can cause blurring so use a tripod and cable release. Some digital cameras offer a macro mode that lets you get good close ups easily. In this mode, depth of field will be very shallow.

Here are a couple awesome shots from our Scrap~tures members~

This is one of Lisa'sand this one is Jen's

Stay tuned every Monday for more Shutterbug info and more amazing photo's~


  1. Very nice photos Ladies! Great post T! I would love to add more lenses to my camera kit so this is great info! :)

  2. ooh I too would love to own more lenses ... however FIRST I need to learn what my camera can DO! ;) LOL