Sunday, July 25, 2010

Shutterbug Monday!

Lighting plays such an important part of our picture taking. The light of day and night may all look the same to the human eye, but the qualities of natural light change throughout the day. Here are a few tips to consider when trying to decide which time of day is right for your photo!

Midday--> The harsh light of midday is not the best for taking pictures. Subjects often looked washed out and strong contrasts can make for difficult exposures. The exception to this is an overcast sky at midday provides a soft, diffused light and few unwanted shadows.

Early Morning/Late Afternoon-->These are the two best times of day for nearly all subjects. An hour after sunrise and an hour bnefore sunet provide light that gives a scene a dramatic glow.

Dawn/Dusk--> Before the sun appears over the horizon, it starts to lighten the sky with a soft, blue light and as it begins to rise, the light becomes pink and gold. Use this light to create misty landscapes and dreamy silhouettes. To compensate for the limited light, use a slower shutter speed.

Night--> New creative possibilities arise about 30 minutes after the sun goes down. At this time, there is still enough light for shapes to create dramatic landscapes.

Post a link here to a photo that you've taken using different 'natural' light to get interesting effects. You have until July 31st to post the link, and I'll choose a winner for a RAK from me!

Last weeks Shutterbug winner is 'CHELLE' Congrats!! PM your address to Denise so she can get your prize out to you!!!

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