Friday, August 27, 2010

August Card Tag--> REVEAL~!~

We started with this gorgeous card by Ellen which was sent to..Denise...who made this beautiful card. This card was then sent to...Kelly, who made this pretty card. This was then sent to....
Ellen, who had no clue we were scraplifting her card to begin with. She made this spectacular card. This was then sent to.....JennS who created this wonderful card. Jenn's card was then sent to.....
Peggy..who made this awesome Halloween card to finish us up~
Thanks ladies for participating, it was fun and always very interesting to see where we started and where we ended up~!~

Stay tuned for our next 'tag' reveal!


  1. LOL..this was fun! And yes, the really fun part is seeing what everyone did with it! Very cool! :) Great job everyone!!

  2. that was lots of fun! too funny that I did my own card!