Saturday, December 11, 2010

December Layout Tag - REVEAL

This month we had two teams doing the tag simultaneously.
We started out with this gorgeous layout by Jenn/Wustazwhich was sent to Kelly who created this...

Kelly's layout was then sent to Laura-Lee/DoubleL who did this..

LL's layout was then sent to Donna who did this..

Donna's layout was sent to Denise who created this..
Denise's layout was then sent to Shannon/VaryScrappy who did this..

and finally for team 1, Shanon's layout was sent to Laurie/Wally who created this.
Team 2 also started with this wonderful layout by Jenn/Wustaz
which was sent to JennS who created this..

Jenn's layout was then sent to Darla/Dot who did this

Dot's layout was then sent to Crista who created this

Crista's layout was then sent to Chelle who did this..

Chelle's layout was then sent to Ellen who created this..and I must mention that Ellen is a cardmaker not a scrapbooker(her words not mine) and I think she's done an amazing job!!
Ellen's layout was then sent to Ruby/InspiredScrapper who created this.

You ladies did an amazing job as usual. It was fun to have two teams going and to see the different creations and styles!
Great job..well done!!!


  1. OH MY...I love the fact that there were 2 teams this round and I must say I LOVE how different everyone's projects turned out! So much fun to see the transition! WTG girls...YOU ALL ROCK!

  2. Great job everyone...tag layouts are fun... they all look so good...

  3. Very nice work. I love all the different takes. It was easier then I thought.