Saturday, February 12, 2011

10 Things I Have Learned About The Cricut Mat

Shannon posted this the other day, it's not hers but she wanted to share it with everyone!

Thought I would share 10 things I have learned about the cutting mat.

1. Do NOT wear a long-sleeved chenille robe while using the Cricut
2. Do NOT drop the cutting board on the floor sticky side down.
3. Do Not put the cutting board in the Cricut upside down.
4. Do NOT use glitter immediately before using the Cricut.
5. Do NOT absent-mindedly put the clear cover oover your paper before loading the Cricut.
6. Do NOT leave paper on the cutting board for two days while you work on other stuff.
7. Do NOT forget that you have adhesive on a piece of cardstock and put it on the cutting board.
8. Do NOT scratch your head while holding the cutting board.
9. Do NOT try to cut handmade paper.
10. Do NOT forget to put the paper on the cutting board before you load the paper and begin cutting.

Too Funny!!

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