Thursday, March 17, 2011

March Layout Tag - REVEAL

This month our tag started with this gorgeous layout of Denise's

Which was sent to Shannon who created this awesome layout

Shannon's was sent to Laura-Lee who did this

Laura-Lee's layout was then sent to Tracy who did this

Tracy's was sent to Kelly, who created this

Kelly's was then sent to Denise, who
had no idea that we started with one of her own!!
Denise's layout was sent to Laurie who created this

Laurie's layout was sent to Chelle who did this

Chelle's layout was sent to Christa who did this

and Christa's layout was sent to Carla who created this

Carla's layout was then sent to Dot who created this

Dot's layout was then sent to JennS who did this

and last but certainly not least...JennS's layout was sent to Ruby who created this.

Once again, these ladies were amazing. I just love to see the transformation from start to finish.
Thanks ladies for participating...we look forward to another great tag next month!!


  1. These are so cool. It is interesting to see the progression of the styles, colours and shapes.

  2. This is amazing! I joined too late to participate this month but can't wait until next month to try it out! Looks like fun!

  3. Oh wow!! Lots of great inspiration here ladies, wow!

    That is too funny that we started it all with my layout...thanks T! :)

  4. Wow!! Gorgeous LO's ladies! I loved seeing the progression from start to finish! Awesome!!!

  5. Fun!! Love looking at the similarities from layout to layout! Thanks T for organizing!

  6. love the progressioon from start to finish!
    great work girls!!

  7. Great job everyone... love all the different but similar takes to each of the layouts