Friday, August 31, 2012

Finally Friday

Wow the last Friday of August....almost the end of summer. I am kinda sad. And although I like the routine of school I really like only having to worry about getting myself up in the morning. I don't have to worry about lunches, or who is home to feed and let the dog I love summer. But I is this weeks Finally Friday challenge. I came across this on Pinterest of all places, and kinda thought it was neat. I am not a huge paper craft home d├ęcor person. I like some of the baby stuff but my kids are far past that stage so I really do not do much paper craft stuff other than scrapbooking and card making. But I really thought these were cute and will make a great table accent at ScrapFest in October. Here goes. I took a 12" strip in multiple widths, and began cutting along one edge with my MS fringe scissors (a life saver) then curled the cut edges with a pair of straight scissors (kinda like you do ribbon on a present) make sure you hold the paper a the bottom of the cut or you will pull some off. Then I glued a skewer to one side and began rolling, when I got to the end I glued down that edge as well. Then I touched up the curly edges and covered the bottom in floral tape. I have made several in different papers and heights and am going to fill the glass vase to hide the "stems" Here is a photo walk through....don't you want to try some in your fave colour paper??

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