Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Hint of Colour

I was trying to think of what to do to use all the PP that came in this months kit.  Although I love it I found it a little overwhelming. I have some ideas for the PP with some older pictures of the kids baking with my mom and some of my grandmother at the cottage, but I am trying got work with the DOZENS of pictures I have from NYC. So I figured out what pictures I wanted to use and the Green CS was a beautiful match. Then I remembered a layout I did a while back with a bunch of squares of PP, and I started cutting. I laid out the pictures first and after inking all the squares I started placing them around the pictures. Since all my pictures were scenery and the CS was green it was pretty mono chromatic, so I added the squares as my hint of colour. That is this week's challenge, do a mainly monochromatic layout with a hint of colour.

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