Sunday, September 16, 2012

Super Silent Sunday

Good morning scrappy is still early and very quiet in my house. My hubby is off golfing until tomorrow night (golf today and a tourny tomorrow) so it is just me and the teen agers. I wanted to give you all an update on things that have gone on and yet to come...

Last week end I did the Week End Walk to End Women's Cancer with my friend Teresa. 2 days, 60 km and a few blisters later we made it across the finish line. The weather on Saturday was horrendous, and while it rained and we trekked through shin deep puddles, I kept telling myself  "I can do it". The whole adventure was something I will never forget. It was hard work, tiring and worth every minute of it!

So I am a little short on the amount I had to raise for the walk, so we are hosting a 12 hour crop on Saturday September 29th. We will be scrapping the day away with a few make and takes thrown in to mix things up a bit. Everyone is welcome and the proceeds will go to help make the fundraising goal for the walk.

The Finish Line

Then on October 12-13 we will be at ScrapFest Oshawa. I was in Kitchener in the spring and loved it and had a great time, so I wanted to do it again and this time I am bringing the scrappy peeps instead of the hubby. Hope some of you can join us for the crop and hope to see some of you in is a few pics of Teresa and I from the walk.
Eye Candy!

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