Wednesday, October 10, 2012

September Layout Tag Reveal

Each  month we choose a layout, usually from the Gallery and send it along to the first name on the list. Then in turn when finished it is sent back to the hostess. Then it is sent along to the next person on the the end we have some wonderful layouts, here is the starting layout and all the subsequent layouts from our wonderfully talented ladies!
Our beginning layout (one of Wally's from the gallery)

...Amy (aka stuck@home) was up first

...then Cat's turn at the plate

...Christa was next to hit

...Donna's (aka Donnastamp) turn at bat

...Teresa (aka Sammysgirl) was up next

...then Michelle (aka chelle)

...followed by Shannon (aka VaryScrappy) it was Dot's turn

...batting clean-up was Laurie (aka Wally)!

Great job everyone! They are all home runs!


  1. 6 ways from Sunday I cannot get the pictures to be the right way up on a few!