Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Tuesday's Temptations-January 22

So I was way ahead of the game this week and had my layout prepped and ready on Sunday! Woohoo, look at me go! So I got all my papers out and got ready to scrap......and could not find the pics of my niece  Emily. I had them all sorted out and ready to go. But I CANNOT find them. So I dug up the other pics of one of my other nieces. She is so totally in love with our dog Chloe. I mean totally in love. So when I suggested she take her out to play in the snow she was thrilled. My daughter took all the pictures through the window, but they turned out pretty well. I dug out the kit and pulled out the brown CS and went to work. I knew I wanted to do a 2 page layout and I wanted to use a bunch of pictures, so I laid them out to tell the story and then grabbed a few random pieces of scrap PP from the Winterings Kit. I like how the pictures stand out on the brown and the pop of pattern paper just adds to them. I would like to see you tell a story with your pictures. Come on...you can do it!

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