Saturday, April 20, 2013

Grunge Rose

At Scrapfest in Kitchener last weekend I spent hours teaching how to make the Tim Holtz grunge rose...the way he did it before designing the die. I promised the instructions would make it up on the blog. All of these instructions are from the Tim Holtz blog (here is the exact link from Christmas 2009).  The instructions say grunge paper..I have always just used paper. Remember it needs to be a 6 petal flower. This is a very picture heavy post.

Grunge Rose
Step 1: cut out 3 - 6 petal flowers for each rose you want to make
Step 2: colour them by misting with various glimmer mists. Repeat until they are saturated in color.

Step 3: Dry the inked grungepaper (or cardstock) with a heat tool.

Step 4: Ink the edges of the grungepaper flowers with distress ink.

Step 5: Snip between each petal about 1/2” to help the curl later.

Step 6: Flower #1 make only one cut in between two petals to the center of flower as shown.

Step 7: Flower #2 completely cut out one petal of the flower all the way to the center as shown. *this will look like a piece of pie.

Step 8: Flower #3 completely cut out two petals of the flower all the way to the center as shown. * this will look like a butterfly wing.

this is what you will end up with...

Step 9: Apply glossy accents to the back of the grungepaper on the petal to the right of the cut line. be sure to spread it out over the entire flower petal as shown.   Wrap the flower into a cone shape overlapping the petal on the left over the glossy accent one on the right and line them up to adhere together as shown. Apply a paper clip to the overlapped areas allowing the glossy accents to dry completely - this is very important!

Step 10: Repeat above step for the other two larger flower pieces creating three flower cones as shown.

Step 11:  Ink the back of the two remaining petals with distress ink using ink blending tool as shown.

Step 12: Curl in the two top edges of smallest petal into the center with the main color on the outside as shown.

Step 13: Curl only the top left petal back towards the center of the remaining petal with the main color on the outside as shown. 

The tricky part: flip petal over and roll into itself creating a cone with the curled petal on the outside as shown. 

 Apply glossy accents to the area of the petal where they overlap as shown.

 Hold in place to dry with your fingers by pinching this area together as shown.

Step 14: Snip the ends from both small petals as shown.

Step 15: Curl the petals back on the three larger flowers by rolling them towards the center with your fingers as shown.

Step 16: Snip the ends from all three flowers as shown.

Step 17: Apply glossy accents into the center of the largest flower and adhere next size flower by nesting it inside and hold to allow glue to set. *i prefer to off-set the petals a bit as shown.  Repeat previous steps for next size flower as shown.

Step 18: Finish flower by adhering smallest petals inside flower with glossy accents.  position center petals as shown until desired look is achieved. *if your rose is too tall, snip some off of the center pieces.

If you want video instructions, Tim hasn't done any himself but there are lots on you tube..just put in grunge rose. 

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