Friday, November 1, 2013

Finally Friday

I thought for this weeks Finally Friday I would show the 2 make and takes I did for Scrapfest Oshawa. 
The butterfly card we did Friday night. It was a fun simple technique. We took 2 distress markers and coloured on a piece of plastic, then sprayed it with water. That was then used as our ink pad to ink up 3 different butterflies. We used the pen side of the markers to draw the lines around the card. The sentiment is from Octobers card kit.

We did these tags on Saturday. Some people chose to do the same technique as the butterflies for the circles, others used the markers to colour the stamps directly. There was lots of layering on the tags and everyone seemed to enjoy it. 

By the end of Friday night my hands looked zombie-ish and the end of Saturday same tone but with red. 
It was very attractive to go out for dinner with those fun coloured hands. 

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