Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Tuesday's Temptation

Good evening friends, Shannon here. Well, I had a lovely post all written out this morning, pictures and all and I must not have hit publish and it didn't save. Weird because blogger usually saves. Hmmmm.

Anywhooooo....I present to you the last of the Sn@p album taught by Vicki Boutin. I love how Vicki always tries to make the most of every page with flaps and pockets to hide extra things

I have plans for the chipboard dividers (there are 3 of them). I want to add some of my own pocket and waterfalls to them

Well, I hope you enjoyed this look at the Sn@p album. If you ever have an opportunity to take on of these classes with Vicki, do NOT hesitate. You will not be disappointed.

Take a look at
Week one
Week two
Week three

Hope I was able to inspire you to use your kit. We would love to see the work you have done, just post it on our Facebook Page

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