Thursday, September 24, 2015

Totally Thursday

Well since I completely missed Tuesday I figured Thursday was better than nothing. I had some teenage-University-stress-sick kid drama going on Tuesday and needed to take care of the kid. SO my mind was elsewhere. Forgive me. Here is another layout I worked tirelessly on (lol not really, it came together quickly) using the September kit, Simple Stories Color Vibe Bolds.

I added a piece of cut down back CS over one of the PP, I used some T!M paint to create the circle and added a piece of twine. I used a white gel pen to add some more lines and then used one of the Sn@p cards. The stars and 2 words are from a past Sn@p sticker pack. Simple yet bold. This pic of my Uncle was taken months before he passed ans the original pic he had flour all over his face  (he started a flour fight at my Aunts) but my aunt took the pic in and had the flour removed, the pic turned out great!

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