Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Are you a distresser?

There are so many ways to distress a layout or card...I for one am a huge fan of inking the edges. It seems to just tie everything together. I do have to admit though, inking is pretty much all I do. I forget about all the other ways to 'distress' a layout. Here's a list of distress techniques that can alter the entire look of your project

crumpled and

I never think of painting the paper or chalking it to distress it. I seem to always reach for my inks so I'm going to try and use a different medium to see what kind of results I can get. I did try to sand my paper once but it just didn't seem to look right. If any of you have some tips on how to accomplish this...please share.

If you love to distress and have some techniques you'd like to share, please do!
If you would like to share a link to a project you've done that you've distressed...please do that too...we'd love to see it!

Have a great day!!

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  1. T, I love distressing my layouts and cards! Ink is definitely the quickest way to go about achieving this (in my opinion)

    When sanding your paper, it is always best to choose a paper that has a white core to it. As you sand it, the white core will show through, therefore looking a little weathered.

    Stippling with your inks can also help give it that aged/distressed look. I love this technique especially around the edges of matting.

    Crinkling your paper and rubbing your inks across the raised edges is another great look. You can also achieve a similar look by using an embossing folder...rubbing your ink across that, or even dry brushing it on. It will bring out the raised edge from your design and looks fabulous.

    I have several different layouts that have been distressed. Let me see what I can find to share.