Thursday, April 8, 2010

Do you Scrap Yourself?

I think this is one subject we put on the back burner. I know for's easier to scrap my kids, my husband or just everyday events then it is to sit down and scrap me. I've maybe done a handful of layouts with me as the sole subject. I discovered this blog and there is so much inspiration to do more layouts about ourselves. I know it's important for me to be 'in front' of the camera but it so easy to overlook it. I just don't think of 'down the road' when others will be looking at my albums..and wondering about me.

We would love to see layouts about 'YOU' so if you have some to share, please feel free to share a link with us or better yet..join our forums and upload your layouts to our gallery~ We'd love to have you a part of our wonderful little community.

Have a wonderful day


  1. I scrap myself on a pretty regular basis. I used to be really bad about getting in front of the camera, but as I got older, I realized that there was something wrong with that. I look through photos from when I was a child, and there are very few photos of my mom around. I think there is only one photo in existence of MOM and ME and that was my wedding day. I don't want my children to sit back wishing that there were more photos of me someday when I am gone, so I find it important to be in the albums.
    Besides, I am the one doing all of the work to preserve those memories, my future grandchildren and great grandchildren deserve to at least see what I look like:)

    Here are a few layouts of me:

  2. Oops, not sure why my links aren't clickable....sorry! You will have to cut and paste in order to see. Oops!

  3. After years of scrapping and going through my books I have noticed that I need to scrap myself a lot more. So I do my best to remember to do that.

  4. I have been scrapbooking myself and here is my most recent one...

  5. I definitely scrap about myself! I run the All About Me challenge blog. How cool to see other sites like this emerge! You'll find lots of layouts about me on my blog and, of course, on the challenge blog!

  6. yeah .. after a bit of a close call at the end of last year... i decided that it was time for my kids to know me.. fat or not.. sick or not.. whatever.. and i do a lot of it...
    cuz you just never know, right?