Monday, April 19, 2010

Hot Glue Embellishments..

I would never have thought of using hot glue to make elements for my pages..but what a concept!!

It's not just an's an inexpensive versatile and fun way to add design elements to any craft project. You can get coloured glue sticks to create your design or use clear then add inks or beads or even pearlized powders to give it a shimmer.

Lay a transparency over the design you want to trace. When your glue gun is hot and ready to use, trace over the design with the glue gun. Place the transparency into the freezer for several minutes to get it very cold. Pop the shape off the transparency and trim away any access strings of glue and voila...

To create a hot glue seal, squeeze a circle of glue onto a non-stick craft sheet or transparency. While the glue is still hot, press an inked stamp into the glue. Wait for it to cool then peel it off the sheet.

A few tips when using hot glue:

1.When the ink is tacky, pour on microbeads
2.If the surface of your design contains fingerprints or is rough, reheat with a heat gun to smooth out any imperfections
3. To adhere a glue embellishment to a project, place the embellishment on a layout and reheat with a heat gun. The glue will melt slightly and adhere itself to the layout.

What a cool way to make unique elements~!~!

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Have a great Monday everyone~


  1. Ok, even I have never tried this!!!! This could be exciting and I may just have to give this a try, since I am in the creating mode!!!

    Thanks T!

  2. I have never tried this either.. thanks for the tip...

  3. Ohhh this would be fun!!