Friday, February 4, 2011

Circut Class # 1

Introduction to you your Cricut!

Denise (and company ) have asked me to get them acquainted with their Cricuts. So I thought that I would start off with a few helpful hints that I wish I knew when I started out....

1 Tools that are helpful.
~A Criucut spatula or Exacto knife for getting your cuts off your mat (you can clean this with GooGone every once in a while as it can get coated in adhesive from the mat.
~ A scraper (or even an old gift card) to scrape little paper bits off your mat after you are done cutting
~ A piercer is handy for poking out those pesky little bits still stuck in your letters/designs

2 What adhesives work for adhering my designs?
~ Xyron - I have the personal sticker maker and the Xyron 501. To me these are the most useful in adhering my cutouts, especially the more intricate kind.
~ Zig 2 Way Glue - I have 2 kind of this. A chisel tip for bigger pieces and a pen tip one that's great for Teeny, tiny pieces.

3 How do I keep my mat clean?
~ I like to use baby wipes on my mat when I am done for the day to clean any fuzzy's off my mat. Let it dry before putting the plastic protective sheet back on.

4. Is there a right way for the plastic protective sheet to go back on my mat?
~ The answer is YES! When you get your new mat, write something on the plastic first. This will help identify which way is the right way up. One side of the plastic protective sheet is slightly oily to allow it to release from the sticky mat easier

5. Is there some way to know what all the settings are for?
~ Yes, Here is a chart that i have printed off and put directly in the lids of my machine for a quick reference. See bottom for the link

Here is a link to a more detailed chart that you can download and print off for future reference

6 Can I make my mat sticky again so that I don't have to keep buying them?
~ Yes, although I have not done this yet. I do plan on doing it in the near future and will post the procedure and my results.

Stay Tuned for More!!!

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  1. Nice, appreciate this post and look forward to more about the Cricut! Thanks!