Saturday, May 7, 2011

NSD at Scrap~tures!!!

Happy NSD to all you scrappers in scrappy land!!

To celebrate, we decided to give you all a project to do just for you! To create an album or a few layouts about you!

Here is what Laura-Lee posted in the forums for today's project challenge...

A couple of weeks ago you may remember we talked a little bit about our plan for today and I would like to review our mini album for you to work on today. Please make this your own and create it to your personal style. When I make/made the pages for my album I think about what the reader (my grand children?) want to hear, so I try to include things about the way things are today and the way I am. I also look at it another way.....if I was looking at a personal diary of my grandma what would l love to read in it? I would kill for one of these of my grandmother right now so I am trying to create just that for my family...later. Do remember that it is yours and if you don't want to make it like a diary then don't, keep it light.

So here is the original post about the topic ideas if you would like to review and then there will be examples of pages from what a few of us here have competed. Please feel free to make up your own page ideas as well.

I hope you enjoy creating this today.

Today we are creating a mini album in celebration of you and who you are. While it is not a requirement to make the mini album to be entered into the draw, it will however make a beautiful keepsake. Other options will be available to those who do not wish to make an entire album but simply a few pages.

Many things can be called a mini album, you can have actual alum that is 6x6 or 8x8 or you can just pile a bunch of papers together, punch a hole or two and add ribbon to secure together. Whatever you choose will be unique. We want you to start thinking about what style of album you would like to create for yourself so you have enough time to purchase a small one or to purchase materials to construct your own.

We would also like to tell you about some of the topics we will be covering so you can gather the necessary photos and journaling ideas, and then they are at your finger tips on May 7..

Start thinking about photos that cover the following topics, remember you can make it yours by expanding on the idea topics as I’ve shown in brackets.

Intro page (baby photo with place of birth, parents, etc)
A day in my life (where do you go on a typical day, take photos)
My Favorite Things (can be material items, holidays or otherwise)
Things you don't know about me (facts or feelings)
All of my Quirks (good, bad or funny)
When I was a Kid (remembering, thoughts, things you said or did)
A Life-Changing Moment (or life lessons, things of importance)
Reveal the Real You (or events that have shaped you)
My Circle of Friends (or my family)
This I Believe (could be favorite quotes or your religious beliefs)
I am Unique
Person/People who Inspire Me (could be anything that inspires…i.e. religion)
A Letter to Myself
In my spare time (yea a topic about your art of scrapbooking, or other hobbies)
Been there done that or things I’ve seen/done
My world today (today’s headlines, price of gas, technology, etc)

Here is what Laura-Lee put together for herself...

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