Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas

Well it is late on Christmas day and I have had 2 substantial naps today. We went to bed about 1 a.m. and were up at 7. We were waiting for our son to go to sleep so we could set up the drum set in the rec room for the family gift. About 8:30 we were done and my parents were not due for breakfast until about 10:30 and I needed to sleep. We are very blessed each year and this year was no different. Both my kids got what they asked for and this year I spoiled my husband. I got exactly what I wanted plus a couple surprises thrown in
When I first bought Scraptures in July I was scared to death. But thanks to the support of my wonderful husband and 2 BFF's it has been a great ride. Many ups and downs but overall I am thrilled to be apart of this wonderful world.

My wish to you all is a wonderful holiday season and a prosperous New Year!

Merry Christmas.

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