Friday, June 1, 2012

Finally Friday, June 1st

Can you believe it....June first already???? I am amazed how fast this year is racing by. My oldest, my son is graduating high school this month WOW I cannot believe it...I remember his first day of JK in his little cowboy hat and overalls. Where does the time go?? Well I was trying to think of something different for this weeks FF challenge and was snooping around Google, you know they have everything, including a list of all the things national and or observed for each month. Here is June's

  • 1st Week - National Fishing Week
  • 2nd Week - National Clay Week
  • 4th Week - National Camping Week
  • So this week's challenge is to pick a topic and do a layout about it...I chose the adopt a cat month as I did a layout for my DD for the cats she has loved and lost.


  1. Don't forget that today (June 1) is National Donut Day! :)

  2. Thanks Laurie...I did not know that one.