Friday, June 22, 2012

Finally Friday

Shannon here again! This project piggybacks onto my Wild Card Wednesday post. I made a journal for my niece to use over the summer. They go on lots of camping trips and do tons of fun things as a family. She can use it to draw in, journal, save stuff that she finds...whatever her little heart desires.

When I was making it, I decided that I didn't want to use ribbon for the spine, so I made my own Washi tape and here is how I did it...

1. Gather your supplies. For the Washi tape I used 1" double sided adhesive, tissue paper, stamps and ink.

2. Cut a piece of tissue wider and longer than you need.

3. Cut a piece of adhesive and place it on the tissue...sticky side down of courseSmiley and then trim the excess tissue off the tape with scissors. I tried my exacto knife and it just proceeded to rip the tissue...guess I need a new blade.

4. If desired, flip over your new tissue tape and stamp images or sayings on it on a piece of scratch paper. 

5. You can now apply it to your projects as you would any other Washi tape

Here it is close up on the journal.

You can always make a bunch of Washi tape and just roll it up for future use!

Now it is your turn...let's see your tape!

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  1. Way cool, I got some tape a bit ago...will have to try.