Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Wild Card Wednesday

Shannon, aka VaryScrappy, here & here it is...Wednesday again. How time flies! I made a card for my niece for the end of the school year but I didn't have ribbon that matched, so I though that I would do a quick tutorial on how I dyed my grosgrain ribbon.

First~collect your supplies: white grosgrain ribbon, a re-inker in your choice of colour (remember...the colour will not be as dark as what is in the re-inker), a small plastic container, and a spoon (oh and water....forgot water Embarrassed )

Next~put a small amount of water into your container

Next~add your dye 1 drop at a time...

...then mix it up with the spoon. (this was only 1 drop of re-inker)

Next~roll your length of ribbon up...

...and drop it in.

Next~Let it soak for a few seconds so that it wicks up into the ribbon

Next~take it out and place onto a paper towel & blot it.

And viola...there you have it...dyed ribbon!

In this picture you can see my first piece of ribbon on the top which was done with only 1 drop of re-inker, the next little piece I dropped back in after adding more re-inker & the bottom piece was even more (up to 4 drops I think)

And here is the card for my niece

Can't wait to see your card & what you do to your ribbon. If you use a different kind of ribbon, let us know how it turned out.

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