Friday, August 17, 2012

Finally Friday Aug. 17

Well, easy is the name game this summer. And so far I have been taking it as so...including my scrapping. We went to New York City in July and I took a lot of photo's....I mean a LOT so I started printing them out (9 cents at Costco baby!!!!) Now as you will see in the coming months, I took a LOT of scenery, architecture, street signs and not so many of the family. Don't get me wrong I have some but not near as many as the afore mentioned. I digress, this weeks layout is all about the signs. I love me some NYC street signs. It tells a story all on it's own. I live the different names, places and things it makes you think of just by reading a street sign. So here is this weeks challenge, I want you to do a layout using pictures of the place or event to tell the story, not necessarily people, but stuff!!! Let's see what kind of story you can tell. Stay tuned for the continuation of this layout...part deux!

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