Thursday, November 1, 2012


Are College/University Fees to High?

Do you think we overpay for our schooling? I and many others do, the cost of an education these days is steadily increasing and fewer people can afford to have a secondary education, not only can people not afford the programs they are in, but the increase is leading to an enormous drop in college/university applications as stated here in this article there were 15,000 “missing” applicants from this year’s total. The increase in fees aren't just affecting Canada either it is a global affair, people are taking action and everywhere in an attempt to change this issue.
““Last year, I paid $5,787.29 for my undergraduate education at the University of Toronto. Is this unreasonable? “The University of Toronto Students’ Union (UTSU) thinks so. It devotes much of its time and energy to demanding that U of T students pay nothing. They argue education is a right, and claim it’s unfair to charge for it.””
The statement shown is that of a Student of the University of Toronto and the UTSU (University of Toronto Student Union). The UTSU believes that our education is a right and unfair to charge for it, and I agree with them, unfortunately there are flaws with their main idea, although the general purpose is a well focused idea. There are many examples of our overpaying for tuition and school uses I can relate personally, this year I began my first semester of college and upon acceptance into the college I immediately noticed a certain number of questionable fees. Most of these fees included in the tuition are highly unreasonable, for example, I have to pay an extra 200 dollars for a bus pass that I will never use, I own my own vehicle but due to the fact that 3 years ago my schools student association decided to make it mandatory I am out 200 dollars that could go towards my gas or my parking pass. That is only one of many fees such as dental and medical plans, now given both of these you can opt out of but only after the first month of school, why is it that even though I am covered already through another source that I need to give the school money that I have to fill out a form to get back? Why not just let us check off “do not need” on our application forms it would save people a lot of hassle and fuss. Given some schools have an agreement with the local community’s public transit system, whereby full-time students get a “free” transit pass for the duration of their studies. This pass is usually heavily subsidized and affords the student a great way to get to and from campus without relying on a motorized vehicle and paying for parking. (
 I understand that there are fees required to keep the school running, but why am I made to pay fees for things I do not use and why am I paying a fee for the Alumni, a fee for Convocation (I don’t even know what that is?) $25 for a transcript fee REALLY?? It costs $25 to print out a piece of paper?? 

Needless to say college/university is expensive and its seem that it’s not going to change anytime soon, but there are people trying to change that like the UTSU, unfortunately if they are unsuccessful and the prices of a secondary education continue to rise like they have then eventually no one will be able to afford to go or everyone will be in debt for the rest of their lives. Your choice.

By: Aaron Trafford
Date: Thurs Nov 1 2012

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