Tuesday, January 1, 2013

January 1st Sketch Challenge

Here it is the first of the year and the first Tuesday's Temptation of the year...I opened this kit with great enthusiasm, but no pictures. We have only had snow for about 4 days so I have yet to get any pictures of winter fun. My kids have spent most of their time indoors and in jammies So I dug out the sketch for this month and did my version of it. I know some of you (Shannon) have a hard time doing a layout without pictures, but I have done many of them and then find pictures to match afterwards! So here is the sketch I found online. The original sketch was labelled perfect shot, but I am unable to locate the original site.Do you think you are able to do a layout without any pictures??

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  1. Awesome...just finished mine...heading to the forum to post :)