Sunday, February 10, 2013

Sweet Shot Sunday

Week 6

Can you believe that we are 6 weeks into the New Year. I know I can't...who sped up the clock. LOL! 

How have you been doing with Sweet Shot Sunday? Have been snapping away? No? You know, your pictures don't have to be from your best camera...use your cell phone. I did last week & my camera on my phone sucks at only 3 mega pixels. Just get out there & shoot during your day today lives.

Wanna know what this week's theme is? Here you go........


How will you interpret this? Will it be what you have to drink to start your day or will it be your favourite evening drink or will it be what you need to get you through those long afternoons at work. Let's see what you like!

Get out there and get snappin'!

If you are particpating, leave a comment with a link to your picture (from your blog, Photobucket, Flickr, etc)

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