Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Tuesday's Temptations

So as some of you know the add-ons for this month's kit was a package of Sn@p pages. I did not know when I ordered them that they were for the Sn@p album and they do not fit the ink Paislee album we got in November. So I trimmed the side with the holes and used them as a background. I did not use a sketch or anything from Pinterest for this one...I just threw this together. I used one of the pages as a mask and misted the one with the blue chevrons (that was the mask-technically it is another Sn@p page) and I added some texture to the page with a piece of ribbon type thingy at the top behind the strip of arrows.  I like how it turned out. Let's see you use one of the Sn@p pages or something not intended as a background.

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