Saturday, June 8, 2013

Finally Friday LAW

So apparently I was asleep on the job yesterday...was busy at work and completely forgot to post the Finally Friday challenge Teresa had posted in the forums, so here it is...

LAW you ask? Well I figured for the month of June, we'd have Layout A Week challenge...pretty cool eh

Week 01's challenge is as follows:

I would like you to use pages from an old book on your layout. There needs to be at least two different uses / treatments of the book pages.

If you don’t happen to have a book you can tear pages from laying around the house like I do, try a Goodwill type of store, garage sale or even ask your library if they have any toss-out books.

My favorite book to tear pages from is a dictionary (we had two of the same in the house). Old encyclopedias are great too. (I mean really who needs them anymore with digital versions).

Let's get reading - and ripping! Have fun!

I used a page from a french English dictionary on my background, and then cut the word into a heart and made it the center of the flower


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