Sunday, April 15, 2012

Super ScrapFest Week-end

Well, the week-end has come to an end...ScrapFest was a huge success and I have the sore back to prove it! We left late Friday morning and got to Kitchener around 1:15 after a few stops along the way. We were set and ready to go by 3 (see pic of booth below...not great but it worked) so we ran out and checked into the hotel, and grabbed some lunch/dinner and headed back to start the fun! It was nerve racking until the doors opened. But all was good, saw lots of faces (Amy and Donna) some old and some new. We were located directly across from Karen who was running the make and takes a the Art House Studio....she was amazing. All week-end she was upbeat, cheery, funny and on the go. She taught so many groups I do not know how she did it she is, pink hair and all (some of you may remember her wearing the tutu last year! Saturday was an early start and we were told it could get insane...well it was steady for the most part but not insane. We would have a wave as the classes got out and a lull when the new ones started. My friend Teresa came up on Friday night to help out and Chelle came Saturday to help. My wonderful husband was there for the whole shebang! I could not have done it without him... he was amazing for the 2 days. Now that I have done one I may not need him for the next one but this being my first he was a great help. When the show closed Saturday night Chelle and I hopped over to the Scrapfest picture spot and got out picture taken with Sue Sykes and then just as we were going to go Vicki Boutin showed up. So we had our picture taken again with them both and had Laura Lee hop in too. How fun! Well after Jeff packed up the van and trailer we waited for a few minutes and then hit the road.  I hope those of you that made it had fun and for those who couldn't I hope you can next year. Here are some of the pictures we took...

The Booth
Amy came to visit
Me, Vicki, Chelle, Laura Lee, Sue

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  1. Oh Christa...looks wish I could have been there...xo